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        FT-1500 series

        FT-1500A/16 processor is one product of FT-1500 product family. It can be used for designing high throughput servers, such as OA servers, web servers and cloud computing servers, running web service, transaction processing, datacenter storage, database and network switching workloads.

        Key features include
        Category Parameter
        Process: Manufacturing with 28nm process
        Core: Integrating sixteen FTC660 cores
        Frequency: Running at 1.5GHz
        Cache: Integrating 8MB L2 cache and 8MB LLC
        Memory Interface: Integrating four DDR3-1600 memory controllers, which can deliver 51.2GB/s memory access bandwidth.
        PCIE Interface: Integrating two x16 or four x8 PCIE Gen3 interfaces
        Network Interface: Integrating two GEthernet interfaces
        Power: Max. power 35W
        Power Management: Supporting fine-grained power management policies, such as clock gating, power gating and DVFS
        Package: FCBGA package with 1944 pins
        FT-1500A/16 Develop Board
        Hardware resource Description
        FT-1500A/16 processor: One chip, 16-core, compatible with ARMv8 ISA
        Function buttons: One Reset button ; One Power button
        Ethernet: Two RJ45 i/f, with link and transfer indicators
        Power i/f: Two power i/f for 4.5V-18V power input
        UART i/f: Two UART i/f
        I2C i/f: Two I2C i/f
        BIOS socket: Two BIOS socket for independent BIOS install and debug
        DIMM slot: Four DIMM slots for DDR3 DIMMs
        PCIE extension slot: Four PCIE extension slots for GPU, SATA, USB, etc.
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