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        FT-1500 series

        FT-1500A/4 processor is one product of FT-1500 product family. It can be used for designing light-weight servers, desktops and laptops, running some light-weight applications, such as web service, mail service, storage, office, surf, word processing, graphic, video and audio.

        Key Features Include:
        Category Parameter
        Process: Manufacturing with 28nm process
        Core: Integrating four FTC660 cores
        Frequency: Running at 1.5GHz~2.0GHz
        Cache: Integrating 2MB L2 cache and 8MB LLC
        Memory Interface: Integrating two DDR3-1600 memory controllers, which can deliver 25.6GB/s memory access bandwidth.
        PCIE Interface: Integrating two x16 or four x8 PCIE Gen3 interfaces
        Network Interface: Integrating one GEthernet interface
        Power: Max. power 15W
        Power Management: Supporting fine-grained power management policies, such as clock gating, power gating and DVFS
        Package: FCBGA package with 1150 pins
        FT-1500A/4 Develop Board
        Hardware resource Description
        FT-1500A/4 processor: One chip, 4-core, compatible with ARMv8 ISA
        Function buttons: One Reset button ; One Power button
        Ethernet: Two RJ45 i/f, with link and transfer indicators
        Power i/f: Two power i/f for 4.5V-18V power input
        UART i/f: Two UART i/f
        I2C i/f: Two I2C i/f
        BIOS socket: Two BIOS socket for independent BIOS install and debug
        DIMM slot: Two DIMM slots for DDR3 DIMMs
        PCIE extension slot: Four PCIE extension slots for GPU, SATA, USB, etc.
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