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        FT-2000/4 officially released!

        Promotion Meeting of Phytium in Nanjing, Jiangsu had been wrapped up

        Leji Zhao inspected Phytium corporation

        Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the phytium exhibition in Tianjin

        Phytium Technolgy attended important conference of imformation security in Beijing

        Toyou Feiji Electronics released storage products based on Phytium CPU and Kylin OS

        Phytium Technology attended IEEE ISVLSI 2018

        FT-2000/64 CPU on the CCTV news

        Phytium new products in the Hot Chips 28

        Phytium Technology Attends China's 12th Five-Year Plan Achievements Exhibition.

        Phytium Technology attends China's 12th Five-Year Plan achievements Exhibition which is held in Beijing Exhibition Centre from June 1 to June 7.Phytium chip products and Phytium-based information system equipment respectively exhibits on CSIP area and CEC area.

        Phytium exhibition on the Capital Network Security Day

        The 3rd Capital Network Security Day is held on Beijing Exhibition Centre from April 28 to April 30. Phytium is invited to attend this exhibition together with CEC.

        Phytium attends IC China 2015

        IC China 2015 is held in Shanghai from Nov 11 to 13. Phytium attends this conference and demonstrates Phytium-based information system equipment.

        Phytium releases new products.

        On March 26, CEC and Phytium releases their new products, FT-1500A series of chips. FT-1500A series of chips are ARMv8 compatible products of Phytium. At this time, two of this family products are released, FT-1500A/16 and FT-1500A/4.FT-1500A/16 can be used for designing high throughput servers, such as OA servers, web servers and cloud computing servers, running web service, transaction processing, datacenter storage, database and network switching workloads.FT-1500A/4 can be used for designing light-weight servers, desktops and laptops, running some light-weight applications, such as web service, mail service, storage, office, surf, word processing, graphic, video and audio.

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